Buttocks & Saddlebags

98% of women suffer from cellulite and you may be one of those who are constantly searching for a non-invasive yet effective treatment.

When proper diet and exercise are not enough, Swiss CellVibe® is the solution to visibly reduce unattractive dimples.

Swiss Cellvibe® is intended for all women regardless of their grade of cellulite (I to III), move it to line above.


Don’t shy away from wearing your favorite sleeveless dress for that special occasion, or walking down the street with a tank top in summertime.

If you don’t want to hide under long-sleeve garments all year round, Swiss CellVibe® is the solution.

Whether it's because you lost weight, you stopped exercising, you changed your lifestyle or simply naturally aged, having loose skin on your arms can be a major confidence drain but is not a fatality.

Wave now goodbye to arm jiggle with Swiss CellVibe®.


Dimples on your cheeks are cute... but on your thighs!? These imperfections are not so attractive when you refer to them as your “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” look.

Whether it's because you inherited it with your genetic pool, have hormonal changes or a wrong lifestyle don't worry, you are not the only one suffering from cellulite and EMS has the solution.

When cellulite double up as skin laxity in the internal part of the thighs, you can address the problem with Swiss CellVibe®.

Time to dust off shorts, skirts and bikinis!


It is not uncommon for women to suffer from water retention on calves and feel heaviness in the lower limbs.

It’s because of fluid accumulation in the connective tissues (water retention), poor microcirculation sedentariness or wrong diet. However, large calves can be shaped.

Time to unveil fit legs thanks to Swiss CellVibe®.