The treatments which use high energy mechanical waves are used more and more often in various medical fields. They are typically described as auditory vibes, acoustic vibes or shock waves. The stimulation causes the significant pressure changes in the tissue, leading to cavitation phenomenon. This improves cell metabolism and in effect increases skin tension. In the same time fibrosis and sclerosis which are palpable under the skin and visible on the surface of the skin disappear.

As the medical studies and my own observations at Dr Szczyt Clinic show, this kind of therapy is one of the most effective method to reduce or get rid of cellulite. It is worth stressing out, that the results of the series of treatment last for months which is a great outcome. Thanks to the use of acoustic vibes in the Swiss Cellvibe device, EMS company created a great tool to fight the cellulite. The treatments are being very effective and in the same time non-invasive and with very limited pain.

Dr n. med Jacek Szwedo from Dr Szczyt Clinic