In connection with the launch of SWISS CELLVIBE® device in the Polish market, there were three publications in trade press specializing in beauty & aesthetic medicine. In January, SWISS CELVIBE® has been mentioned in online services like, and

The EMS’ device was presented as a novelty in Polish cosmetology market and effective weapon against cellulite. It was said that the device has been developed by medical experts and that SWISS CELLVIBE® is the world's first equipment that uses patented technology of acoustic vibes in the therapy of cellulite. What’s important, in the publications there is an information that EMS offers a non-invasive solution that doesn’t require any medication, anesthesia or downtime after the procedure. The results are already evident after eight 30-minute sessions.

The device is distinguished thanks to its pink color, while modern and attractive design hides a highly efficient mechanism for quick and effective cellulite treatment. With its user-friendly interface and smart maintenance system SWISS CELLVIBE® guarantees the fastest return on investment of beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine.

The device has been described in a very positive way to encourage reading the information on the producer’s website. The article on was also commented by frequent users of the portal. All publications include photographs of the device.


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